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Did one front bearing, still humming.


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August 9, 2009
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04 xlt
Did the front left wheel bearing. Replaced it with a ford part. (thanks tousely ford).

Humming at 40 is now gone. But I think I am hearing a humming from the rear. Not horriable, but I think now the front is quiet I can hear the other bearings.

60k miles too. uncalled for in my eyes.

(rear end TSB was done allready).

My ? , is how hard it is to do the rear bearings. I did the front ones with not that much effort. I have a press. I just dont know if I want to tackle this, or pay 300$ for someone else to do it.

Let me know your stories.

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Humming, more like a whining noise, which varies in loudness as speed and load on the engine changes, is more likely gear noise, most often caused by differential side bearing failure, or sometimes pinion bearing failure, though pinion bearings generally make quite a bit of noise as they crap out. If the complaint noise is not affected by engine load (acceleration of vehicle), it is more likely wheel bearing noise. imp

like I said, I had the rear diff. TSB done. That was a humm that came and went as I applied the gas. That only happened too once I had about 10 miles on the truck, as the fluid was warmed up.

I am leaning more towards bearing. Not too thrilled on doing the rears and wanted to hear a few stories. I read that big post about it and has pictures which will help for sure.!

probably a rear bearing. I am going to take it in to the ford shop. I really dont want to tackle the rear bearing. If the right front goes out, i will replace that. but the back seems like more work then i want to tackle.

anyone else have to comment on rear wheel bearing replacements?

I always thought that wheel bearing noise, either front or rear, can always be made to change by turning left, right or going straight ahead. It will always be loudest when the bad bearing is on the weight-bearing side of the vehicle, ie.. a bad bearing on the left side will make the most noise when turning right and be quietest when turning left.

And if turning vs going straight has no effect on the noise, then it's probably something else. The rear diff on my '04 with 61K miles likes to make a humming noise above 50 MPH after it's warmed up. The sound can be made to change quite a bit (and disappear) with the gas petal. Since it stays nice and quiet in the dead of winter, I'm going to try heavier synthetic gear lube to see if that shuts it up.

ya that is what is throwing me off a little. The thing isnt crazy loud like "oh my the wheel is going to come off soon " loud.

I will have to do some more turning back and forth and listening. The wife says it doesnt shake like it used to in the front end, so I didnt replace the front bearing for nothing.

One thing that threw me off was that I had near bald tires that sounded like bad wheel bearings. I replaced one front one and after a month the sound came back(this is when the tires got worse). Put if off for a while and then bought new tires, all quiet now. But the rear diff is a screamer:(