Did some flow testing comparing OEM to DW300c....you might be surprised what the results are. | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Did some flow testing comparing OEM to DW300c....you might be surprised what the results are.


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March 29, 2015
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2015 Ford Explorer Sport
In my efforts to flow test all the available options for the LPFP, I discovered something between the OEM and DW300c. I know I have another post documenting my flow testing process, but felt this one deserved it's own thread.

It honestly doesn't look like the DW300c flows any more than the OEM pump. WHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?!!!!

That's pretty attention grabbing, isn't it? Well, it isn't false, unfortunately. I will say though, that my testing process may not be the most scientific as I don't have a large sample size to test. So did I have a bad pump to start with? It's plausible...but not likely. Both pumps were 100% brand new, never before used. I'd venture to say that the pump itself is a great performer, but when installed into the stock module housing...it is so restricted that it's full potential is hampered.

The caveat to all this...the reason why I'd still support this mod? It's WAY more rock solid throughout the testing process. The OEM pump is pretty sketchy, while the DW300c stayed consistent throughout the test. That alone mitigates the tuning nightmare I imagine the OEM pump to be after seeing how it is so inconsistent. It also draws slightly less current than the OEM, helping to keep things calm and maybe even a little bit cooler.

Wanna see? Made a vid about it all. Full test results of all 4 pumps are on the way. I'm done with the testing, just putting the finishing touches on the charts and video. In the meantime...enjoy: