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Did some more work to the Ranger!

Well after a very productive weekend of work. Derrick, Jesse, Mike, Paul, Josh, Gary and myself have gotten the truck looking like a truck again.

The explorer rear end is in, the keys have been flipped, front differential and hub assemblies have been changed as well. Put the body back on the truck and will be putting it in sealer for Freak Show this coming weekend.

The control arms are less than an eighth of an inch away from the pivots so we are going to have to modify that some. I am also going to have to make a skid plate for the transfer case as it is too close to the ground for my comfort. The biggest thing is that we got the V8 and transmission in the truck.

Anyways, any of you coming out to Freak Show or Rail Session will see the truck sitting out.











That is the control arm clearance that I was talking about.

Sorry for the pictures but I only had my phone and we ran out of daylight lol.

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wowo that thing is low...good work :thumbsup:

Nice! When is the show?

It is this coming weekend. The show is in Wilson North Carolina.

The show this weekend is really a giant party and a bunch of people with cool cars and trucks show up.

Holy cow....thats looking good.

Waiting on final product.

Is there ever a "final product" It won't be painted till probably after Christmas. I have to pull the body back off so that the engine bay can get prepped and painted, the engine built up, and the frame cleaned up and painted.

I will get some better pics of it hopefully today or tomorrow.

Here are some more day shots so that you can actually see the truck lol

It will be all one color before this weekend. Look for those shots after this weekend's show!















So how are you gonna mold the bed into the cab? i know you have to have a plan for that....

I am not going to mold the bed to the cab. I haven't ever been a big fan of that. I do have a local connection for a cage though. So after a couple of shows I am going to be having a cage designed for it and then get it built and painted.

What do you need a cage for in that thing?

I have a 347 stroker kit for it, and will be getting ready for an STS turbo kit. I plan to run it with the auto cross club at Clemson or drag race it at the local eighth mile dragstrip just to show that I do drive it lol I am hoping that the AWD will help me get the et's down.

Aha. I gotcha. AWD and spools oughta get her done....

I don't think that I will run spools. I still need it to be somewhat streetable lol

Aha. well, maybe lockers? or were you just gonna do the limslip thing?

The rear has a limited slip in it already. I was thinking limited up front and an ARB for the rear.

Good idea.

Yeah, I had a 1978 bronco and had a spool in the back and a minispool up front. I went through axle seals like it was going out of style! Not to mention having a case of U-joints and all the tools with me at all times!

Hey fix your signature dude. (frond end conversion)

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All hail the Frond! I will get right on that!