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Diff Oil

September 2, 2009
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Hi guy have done a bit of searching around but cant seem to find a sutible substitute for the diff oils that ford sell for stupid amounts of money.

Does anyone know of a replacment oil that i can get a hold of for under a hundred quid.


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thanks but worry is that the rear diff uses some special oil apparently so is either of the above in fully synthetic ok to use?

If you use fully synthetic then you don't need the friction modifier.

OK any particular brand plus I am going to do transfer box at same time. Then only thing to do is change brake fluid then all mine done!

royal purple is good, mobil 1, etc.. i used valvoline high performance gear oil 75w90 in my rear differential and i like it! not bad for $7 a quart compared to royal purples $19 a quart..

and for your transfer case get some ATF with mercon V in it, it is made for fords..

when i did my transfer case i also used valvoline for it too!