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difference between coil spacer and coil spring lift!


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April 4, 2006
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92 XLT
i've got the coil spacer lift for my first generation 4wd ttb...i was gunna do them but i havtn had time lately..and i been worried bout having to re-camber and align after it..all this sitting has made me wonder..and i been thinking about just springin (not to make a pun) for the skyjacker or rough country 2in coil SPRING lift..to match my AAL and shackled rear..

but what i need to know is..would the coil SPRING lift..still make me have to re-camber..like the coil SPACER will..

i know the coil spring lift is the better way to go anyway..so im sold if i dont have to re-camber..it needs an alignment anyways..so when i get that done ill have them check the camber afterwards..if it isnt noticeably off..but it the coil spring wont cause this camber problem..please let me know..

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Camber will need to be corrected if you use the lift springs.

If you use coil spacers, you are still lifting the front end.

If you lift the front end more than 2" you most likely won't be able to align it w/out drop brackets..

Up to about 2" of lift (coil or sprint spacer) you should be able to align it.

either way, if you change the height of the front end (lift or lower) by changing the effective length of the spring (change spring, add a spacer or cut the spring etc) you will change the camber and will need it adjusted (aligned).

2 in . lift = 2.50 or 2.75 or so shims, 3.5 on 2wd.....

thanks a lot..as i suspected unfortuneately...