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Difference between Transmissions ??


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March 5, 2011
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queen anne, MD
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2003 XLT
What is the difference between a 4X2 automatic transmission from a 2002 Explorer and a 4X4 automatic transmission from a 2003 Explorer ?? The reason I ask is I have the Servo bore issue with my 2003 4X4 XLT and Ive tried all the quick fixes.. I have a tranny lined up from a 2002 4X2 but Its to good to be true so I know it cant possibly work, or CAN it ?? Thanks

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anyone know ??

As far as I know, you CANT easily replace 4x4 transmisson by 4x2 one.

If 2003 has 5R55S transmission, Ford Shop Manual shows the only real difference between 2X4 and 4X4 useage is that an output shaft housing is bolted to the rear of the transmission case for 2X4 useage, instead of the transfer case. Bolt pattern is the same for this housing, seems output shaft length is same, so no disassembly beyond rear of trans. needed.

I can't say for sure if 5R55W, but would guess same situation exists. 5R55S is used in 2004, but not positive about 2003. imp

Be weary of buying a used one, speaking from experience. I bought a whole wrecked lower mileage Explorer for its apparent "newly rebuilt" transmission. It was worse than the one i had. I now have less than $900 into a freshly rebuilt with new servos and sleeved bores, overdive sprag and all new clutch packs etc. Find a good reputable shop, drop it and have them do a bench rebuild. You wont regret it. I hate to see someone go down the same road I did. Now i have a whole vehicle to part out!

rebuild imho is the way to go with these 5r55s, although someone else did mine for $1600, 40k ago.

Now i have a whole vehicle to part out!
don't mean to stray off topic or thread jack but . . .
what year and trim is it? any pics? another thread somewhere? thanks! you aren't that far. .might need a few parts.

thanks guys !! i found out today I do have a 5R55S not a 5R55W. I think if i can find a shop to do a decent priced rebuild thats the way I will go.. I just bought the truck, its fully loaded in EXCELLENT condition with 79K miles for $3K, so I think I have a little wiggle room for the rebuild !! :thumbsup: