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Differences in 96 and 99 rear axles/leaf springs


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December 13, 2005
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middle of nowhere, PA
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'99 XLT 4X4 4.0 OHV Auto
hey guys just had a question out of curiosity. my last explorer (96 5speed 4 door) i lifted it (tt,aal,shakles) got the add-a-leafs from summit racing, the procomp brand - 35 bucks. well i have my 99 4door now, and i was at summit and tried to buy some aal's and they said they dont make them for a 99!??!?! the only thing they make are helper springs. the bolt around the leaf pack and the leaf is on top to help when pulling a trailer. is there a difference in the leaf springs in between 96 and 99? i thought they were the same! can i buy those same aal's and put em in? thanks alot!

Yeah they are the same. You need Part# EXP13120 go to www.4wheelparts.com and enter in EXP13120 and the procomp aal will pop up for 35.00. They are the ones I installed on my 99 a couple months back.

hey thanks for fast reply, i thought they where the same but summit said the procomps where listed for 96 cuz i told em i put them on my 96. but then the looked up what was available for 99's and they said it only showed the helper springs. well ill be ordering some AAL's again.