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Differences in Door Chimes for Model Years


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January 31, 2019
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2016, Explorer, PIU
Hello all,

For work, I’ve driven 2013-2019 model PIU’s and the one aspect that stands out to me is that in 2016 the door chimes changed, and in our fleet, the chimes are different in our 2016 and 2017 models. 2019 models have the same chime as the 2016. I’ve also noticed on a few occasions when I first start up a 2016, the start up chime is of the 2013-2015 models. Can anyone explain this? Is there a way to change the chimes? Thanks

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To the best of my knowledge, there is no setting that will allow you to change the chimes. Perhaps it can be done with Forscan?:dunno:
As for the start up chime, there really isn't one unless the PIU differs from the retail Explorer. What is often referred to as the Start Up Chime is, in fact, the seat belt warning chime.


I have noticed different variations of the three-note jingle. One sounds more like an old-school MIDI file or Nintendo game, and the other sounds more "soft" like a recording of a musical instrument. I don't know what causes one versus the other in the same PIU, but I have heard them both.

The more "musical" note is when the chime(s) come from the speakers, the "old" type comes from the instrument panel cluster (IPC).

On newer models, 2016+ Explorers I think, the IPC sends the chime sounds to the ACM to be played through the speakers, sometimes, for some reason, the sound comes directly from the IPC instead of the speakers & hence the old sound.

There is a setting in ForScan for the chime sound, (Chime Generator) in the F-150 sheet, not sure if it is also applicable for the Explorer.