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different seats in a 2nd gen


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May 1, 2005
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Tampa, Fl.
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1997 Eddie Bauer
what options do i have besides from like sport explorers, etc.

has anyone put mustang (like 2004 models) seats in (front only)

anyone whos done seat swaps in the front of their 2nd gen, post up pics! i hate my seats!

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has anyone ever swapped power seats into an x that isnt power? do the non power seats sit lower? is the swap easy?

the swap is pretty much strait forward between explorers, but you may have to run power to the seats.

the easiest way is to choose between xlt/eddie bauer leather seat which is backet style or limited seat.

all i'd have to run is a power to it right? where could i tap into for that? or directly from the batt?

and then just ground to chassis?

well u would want to put the power on a fuseable wire. personally i wouldnt run it straight off the battery

I think it would be good to go from the battery as long as you added a fuse. There are certainly some power sources in the fuse panel too, its just whatever you find easier. I don't have any manuals or fuse panel diagrams here at work, but perhaps there is a place for the power seat option in your fuse panel, and you can wire it up to look like the factory wiring. (if you care what the inside of your fuse panel looks like)