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Different Size Tires, Advice Needed

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Im need to the forum and to Explorer too. I recently purschase an uses Ford Explorer Sport 2014. My question is the following :

The vehicle is actually running on different Size tires. At the front axle the tires are 265/50r20, and 255/50r20 at the back axle. Will this damage the powertrain, awd or other componentes?

Should I hurry to replace them or what Should I do?

Thanks in avance for your comment.

This would damage the transfer case on 4th gen AWD models and might do the same on 5th gen models like yours. AWD models require all wheels to have the same circumference to within a fraction of an inch or it thinks the wheels are slipping. The difference in circumference for the two sizes you referenced is 1.3 inches. This causes the power distribution unit to constantly adjust for the slippage it thinks is occurring and wears out these components prematurely. Since I am not completely familiar with the 5th gen Explorers maybe this isn't the case for them. I am sure someone will chime in to confirm or correct what I have said.

Not open for further replies.