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Differential Seals

Paul Fithian

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October 12, 2016
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Long Beach, IN
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2007 Job 1 RWD V8 Limited
While adding a Spartan Locker to the differential, I am also replacing differential seals. Part numbers used are:

Pinion: SKF 18136

Axle: SKF18005 (Driver) / NAPA 27SS2850 (Passenger)

Our local NAPA had one of each of these in stock, my friend at the counter advised NAPA 27SS2850 was their new part number and they will not carry SKF/NOS 18005 going forward.

Seals appear to be identical and match the new, revised design Ford 7L1Z-4A109-D. SKF 18005 has a KOK mark on the brown molded area, NAPA 27SS2850 has NAK mark. Both Taiwan companies.

Axle Seal Compare1.jpg
Axle Seal Compare.jpg

if you are doing the spartan locker yourself a write-up would be awesome! thanks for the info!