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Difficulties when starting up


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January 24, 2005
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Montevideo URUGUAY
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1994 XLT
My 94 Explorer began to refuse to start engine.It seems to be some fuel related issue. But there is no check engine light or signals of malfunction. After several attempts finally it starts and seem to be Ok.The failure dissappears for a while and in the moment that I´m in hurry...well again the same history.clogged injectors? dirty filters?. This is a very rare truck in Uruguay so there are no buddies to ask..so any help will be appreciated.

thank you Hugo
PS...read about IAC actuator..is it serviceable? tks

The IAC can be removed and cleaned with a throttle body cleaner. Search this website for instructions if you need them. Often this will help.

Sometimes, however, the IAC needs to be replaced. The IAC is an electrical solenoid that moves a small piston back and forth to regulate air to the engine at idle. In some cases, the solenoid sticks, and the engine does not get the air it needs to start. Cleaning will not fix this. So, try cleaning it and if it still has occasional starting problems, replace it.

When the IAC is not working correctly there will be no check engine light. In my opinion, it is the first thing to check/replace on Explorers with intermittent starting problems. It is a very common problem.

It never hurts to change your fuel filter if you are unsure about its condition.

Also, while you are reading up on the IAC, read up on how to clean your MAF (mass air flow sensor). You can clean it at the same time. It does not usually cause starting problems, but it is a good thing to do if it has never been done.

Good luck!

Often a good place to start is with the trouble codes from the engines computer. Even if the check engine light is not on it may store codes that can give you a place to start.

i had this same problem with my 92. i changed the engine coolent sensor- to the computer. there is also one to the guage, but thats not the right one. the sensor to the computer tells the truck how cold the truck is and gives it enuff gas to start, mine starts just fine now. it costed me like $7.