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Digger's Rig

Well it is about time I did this. I have a 1995 XLT X.

What I got:

32 BF Goodrich M/T
K&N drop in filter
Manik Brush guard
Manik tail light guards
45X60 Surco Rack
4 Hella 500 driving lights
2 Pilot reverse lights
Piaa super whites
Tow hooks
Fire Extenguisher in the rear
Custom tool box in back
Cobra 75 WX ST All-in-handset Mobile CB
3 foot red Firestick antenna
K-40 mag. CB antenna holder
Rancho 5000 rear shocks
Skid plate
Removed pin stripes
Rancho 9000X front shocks
Pioneer radio and 3 way 5x9 speakers

Mods to come:

CRL rock sliders
rock crawlers
2'' BL





the new look i'm look i'm going for:
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Looks good Digger. The Explorer certainly has come a long way from when you first had it here on the boards.

Was that pic taken before or after the new brushguard bar was put in?

that picture is before. you an kinda see the bent in there if ya look closely. no bent now.

updated 3/8/03

good lookin....

Nice looking truck digger.

Did you get new rims?? Looks good :thumbsup:

will be on on tuesday or monday!=)

youre rig looks great with the rockcrawlers. makes it look tougher. good job.