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Digital Display is not working


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January 4, 2005
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'98 Eddie Bauer
I can't see the clock the Radio Station/CD/Tape Selection Digital Display

Everything works, however (i.e., I hear music/radio). Everything on the instrument panel is illuminated when the headlights are on (including the buttons on the audio system). Only the digital display is dark.

I have a Radio/Casette/CD with Changer on a '98 Explorer Eddie Bauer.

Any ideas? I already checked the radio fuses (#s 28,29) to make sure they're OK.

Radio Display

Unfortunatly this is a very common problem with Ford radios. I had mine repaired in about four days at VCR Service, 288 Washington St., Rte 53, Weymouth, MA 02188 781-337-6800.

Total cost including shipping was $111.00. The radio has a board that fails in a large majority of the units. Just get the tool to pull the radio, box it up and it will be back in about four days. Many here have used this service. I tried to fix it myself but that didn't work. They do have a website but I don't have the link at the momment.

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