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Digital Gauge readings


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September 4, 2007
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Canberra, Australia
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2004 Explorer Limited V8
There's a couple of old threads about the scan gauge, and the ELM 327 and Torque app, and plenty of people saying what parameters they can read, but I would really like to know what values people are getting.

For example, at idle, my 4.6 is showing 14% throttle - I was expecting 0% since I don't have my foot on the throttle at all. My MAF is showing 5.9 g/s also at idle, but I have no idea if this is a useful value or not.

So, can we get a list of people's readings for various things at idle, such as:

Coolant Temp (C or F):
MAF rate (g/s):
Engine RPM (revs):
Engine Load (%):
Intake Temp (C or F):
Intake Manifold Pressure (psi):
Timing Advance:
Throttle position (%):
Trans Fluid Temp (C or F):
Engine Oil Temp (C or F):
Fuel Pressure (psi):

Coolant Temp (C or F): 192.2 a 208 (warmed up)
MAF rate (g/s): 5.07
Engine RPM (revs): 600 - 700
Engine Load (%): 45.5 - 46.3
Intake Temp (C or F): 71.6* F, outside temp = 63*F
Intake Manifold Pressure (psi): 4.64 - 4.79
Timing Advance: 5.00 - 6.50
Throttle position (%): 15.7
Trans Fluid Temp (C or F): didn't see option on AutoGauge
Engine Oil Temp (C or F): same as above
Fuel Pressure (psi): same as above

Coolant Temp (C or F): 181.4 F
MAF rate (g/s): Didn't see an option for g/s, only cfm - which was 40.35
Engine RPM (revs): 663-702
Engine Load (%): 34.5-34.9%
Intake Temp (C or F): 69.8 F
Intake Manifold Pressure (psi): 4.5 psi
Timing Advance: 7° - 6.5°
Throttle position (%): 15.3%
Trans Fluid Temp (C or F): No data
Engine Oil Temp (C or F): No data
Fuel Pressure (psi): 38-39 psi

This was after the 12mile drive home from work sitting @ idle in the driveway. Outside air temp was 45 F. Have the BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool and Torque Pro app. (2004 4.6L)