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Dilema...Do I Fix the Rear Timing Chain or Not ????


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February 3, 2002
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98 Explorer Eddie Bauer
The rattling is most likely the rear cassette(cam gears and chain w/tensioner), that will set you back about $2000 since the motor has to be pulled for that repair
My 98 EX (w/88k miles on it) "just" started getting a rattle at the rear of the engine. I'm guessing it's the rear tensioner.

Now the dilema....

Do I fork out big bucks ($1-2,000) to get it repaired OR just live with the noise ???

What's the likely hood of catastrophic engine damage if I choose to just ignore the noise ???

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This is not to be taken as advice, since who knows what may happen and your vehicle may be in different shape than mine. But, mine started the noise at about 100k miles and I've lived with it for another 67k miles.... I need to get it fixed too, just haven't had the $$$$ I wanted to spend at any one time.

No real damage should become of it if for some reason the timing chain snaps or what not -- the engine, I believe, isn't an interference engine. When do you hear the noise, on start up and that's it, or even when it's just idling?


It’s an interference engine, if you skip the chain or the tensioner fails you will damage chit.

If I am incorrect about this then set me straight but my understanding is it’s an interference engine.

Mine has been doing it from the front for 25,000k’s and has not gotten any worse, Will be getting it done next month, was meant to do it this week but due to work never got round to it. If I hear any noise from the rear timing set up after the front is done it will be buy buy Explorer because I won’t be going thru the time effort and expense on a 8 year old car.

ExplorerDMB said:
When do you hear the noise, on start up and that's it, or even when it's just idling?

It rattles up front (of the engine) on start up and between 2500-3000 RPMs. I've had the Tensioner replaced TWICE already and the noise keeps reappearing.

It also just started what I call a "klink-klink-klink" noise (that is at the SAME RPM as the cams/timing chain). This "just" started after I over-revved the engine while trying to get unstuck in some snow. I believe the rear tensioner (or guide) has been damaged. :(

Other than those (2) noises it runs great.

BTW, it's a 98 with only has 88k miles on it. :(

Found a FIX for my EX's engine noises!!!!!!

I traded it in today on a Dodge Cummins Diesel 2500 Ram 4x4!!! :thumbsup:

Now I REALLY have engine noises!! :D

Only got $5500 for my low mileage (88k) 98 Eddie Bauer though.... :( It was in Excellant shape (sans the engine noises).