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dilemma SAS or just Limited slip the IFS front

Well I am in a slight dilemma, I am wanting to make the Ex better off highway. I have picked up a pair of TJ Dana 30s. I got them for free so nothing lost. they need to be completely upgraded. ( cleaned, regeared, LS or Locker, Etc) Then the mounting parts for the SAS ( springs, steering , etc)

Unfortunately I have no place to work on it, other than the apt parking lot, where I am about 50-75 Ft from power. I do have closer power of I pull up on the side road, run an extension cord, and work there. problem is I cannot leave it there for very long.

I have thought of when I get my car trailer putting the Ex on that, and use that as a somewhat of a work platform.
I could have it done by TnT Customs(Treks offroad Equipment) with their long arm kits etc for about 5k But don't have it.


I could just put an aussie locker in the front, go up to 33s and call it good for now. I am not worried if I need to cut the fenders.


If you don't have a shop and all the tools to do the SAS, then I'd recommend putting in the Aussie. I ran that setup in my 95 sport for a couple of years with a 3" BL, maxed torsion bars, 35's and an Aussie in the rear as well.

It was a fun setup that worked really well for what it was. And the the only thing that really broke was a CV shaft from time to time. Taking on an SAS is something that you can look to do in the future, some of us who have shops even have a tuff time getting it done. Therefore, I'd think about just running lockers for a few years, you can always sell them down the road if you get a shop to do the SAS in.