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June 12, 2008
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92 E.B
I have a JBL gto14001 amp. It is 2 ohm stable. I have my heart set on an audioque HDC3. They come in dual 1 or dual 2 ohm. Which one would be my best bet? I dont want to end up with the wrong wiring series and frying something.

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Dual 1 ohm...wire it in series.

What size sub are you planning on getting?

Proper enclosure and gain settings and that will be a damned enjoyable street beater.

Im getting a 5 cu. ft. box tuned to 38hz. Its getting custom built right now by my good friend.

So it is certain I can wire the one dual 1 ohm sub to match the 2 ohm amp? Just double checking before $360 goes down the tube.

5 cu ft for one 12 is retarded...that sub will die quickly. I have high doubts that your friend knows what he is doing when it comes to designing enclosures.

yes...its simple. Dual 1 ohm wired in series is a nominal 2 ohm load.

is that too big? He also doesnt design them, he just builds them.

that is WAY oversized...the sub is going to sound like crap if the enclosure design is crap.

I have a design already made up for your exact subwoofer for an exploder

I talked to the owner of audioque tonight. He said it would be perfect in a 2.2 cubic ft box tuned to 37 hz, 20 inch deep port with a 16 something port opening. I don't exactly remember but I wrote it down and gave it to the guy thats gonna build the box.

If DJ says go, then DO IT!

Yeah, he lost me in conversation lol. He sounds older than I thought. I was like hold on, i gotta write this down, and he started just spiting formulas.

A chambered t-line would probably wang harder than the standard enclosure...build that first. Then you can see the difference the enclosure makes.

I have no clue what that is.

This is a chambered-tline, or some call a ML-TL

Is that my specific box design? or just an example?

more or less...but with the port facing the same way as the sub