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Dim Instrument Panel


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August 1, 2002
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96 XLT
The illumination of my instrument panel is very dim. Could this just be fuses? or bulbs? (The illumination wheel on the dash is in the hightest position). Thanks.

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Stupid question but, are you sure the dial to the right of the headlight switch is turned up enough?

Thank you for the welcomes. The dimming on the instrument panel is occuring slowly. I first noticed the panel a little dimmer than usual a couple of months ago. The dimming seems to be creeping in from the right of the intrument panel. The dimming wheel is all the way up. Fuses, I can handle. Changing bulbs behind the instrument panel-I don't think so. Thanks again.

Howard, I am not sure which wheel you mean. I have not noticed a relation between the steering wheel and the instrument panel illumination. If I rotate the wheel to the right of the headlight knob I go from dim lighting to no lighting. I apologize if I sound clueless, but I am.

Sorry perhaps I should have said lighting wheel (dash dimmer). The wheel that you were talking about. Just thought it could have been faulty but as they go out completely then I think it is a case of lamps behind the dash that are gradually failing. When you get then replaced change them all as getting to them is not easy because you have to pull out the entire Instrument cluster. Hope this helps.

Does anyone know if there is any detailed pictures of this on the board anywhere? I have one out that is very annoying, but im not sure if i have the skills to fix this. I am handy in the sense that i can build a house for you, but I am lacking in the mechanical area. (but working on it)