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Dipstick Tube Corrosion - need new dipstick tube


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September 13, 2008
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Bloomington, IN
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This is from another post, but the exact same problem has happened on my 1996 V8 Explorer.



Apparently, my dipstick ring broke or fell off while driving the car, and the dipstick has corroded and is now blocking the dipstick tube. The oil can't be changed (and no, I don't know how to do that myself).

However, I know NOTHING about fixing/repairing cars, besides some common sense...

The Ford Dealership does not have a new dipstick tube available (apparently Ford only carries replacement parts 10 years back?). They recommended I find one at a scrap parts place or order it online.

I read the advice on the other forum post, and while it seems practical, most of it I can't perform - I have no garage, no tools, no experience in even basic repairs... I'd do more harm than good!

This seems, at one end, to be a very simple problem - replace the dipstick tube. However, for someone with no experience in car repair, I don't want the lack of tube availability to force me to sell/scrap the car!

Any advice on locating an appropriate dipstick tube (or a universal tube that could be used?!), or advice on how to go about the repair would be VERY helpful!

Thanks in advance!


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February 20, 2005
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There are many ways to remove the broken dipstick like that. I have had luck drilling the plastic down about 3/4" or so and screwing in a 3" drywall screw. If you do this you will need to make sure you drill a small enough hole for the screw to enter the dipstick but not too big or the screw will just pull out.

As for getting a new dipstick I am sure you can find one at a local you-pull-it or a junk yard for $5-$10.