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Directions& photos to trim lower fasica & prevent scraping


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August 10, 2011
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2011 Explorer XLT
I made this for a user and might as well make it available to anyone else interested in this DIY.

- here are complete directions and photos on removal and trimming of the lower fascia.

This DIY is a good alternative solution if your EX bottoms out easily on your driveway, or your wife/ girlfriend prefers to use parking stops to stop the vehicle instead of the brake =)

Comments welcomed. PM if your confused. These directions are about as simple as i could possibly make them.

DIY project at your own risk! i will not take fault for mistakes you make to your own vehicle. NOTE: this is not difficult.

Secondly, In 3 months, i have NOT noticed and significant change in MPG's with this alteration.

Link to Directions: Fascia Trim Instructions.pdf

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kudos to TomTom for being my inspiration to copy his trim job from several months back.

These are the directions on how i made my alterations. May not be the same as TomTom's

Thanks a bunch! Great instructions. Plan on performing this mod the moment I bring my ex home after it comes in!

I don't have an issue with mine rubbing curbs or parking stops so I probably won't do the mod at this time.

I did however want to compliment you on how good the instructions are. If you don't do instruction sheet graphic layout for a profession, you should. Those instructions are simple, clear, and easy to follow.

Definitely better then most of the so called professional instruction sheets that come with most items.


Thanks for the compliments. Im no pro, but have been victim of terrible directions before. Glad they are clear.

Good luck with the project guys. feel free to PM if you need further direction or questions.

Great job

these instructions are gone. Can anyone assist with this? I was able to find the bolts in the front but I can’t see the ones on the sides, does all that need to come off to remove it?

Check out this post in a thread I found using the 'Search' feature. Removing or Trimming Front Air Deflector / Dam
It may be an issue though if you have the factory tow package.

In that thread, you posted a link to this one on how to remove it. 🥲 not as much interested in trimming. I want it gone. Mine is actually broken and looks like hell.