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DirtyDog's '99 Limited

Just after the lift.

The new billet grill :) I like

This is my '99 and my '95 (just before I sold it)

-3" PA body lift
-TT & custom shackles
-Eagle Alloy's 102's
-32x11.50x15 Cooper Discoverer STT's
-Pro Comp ES 3000 Shocks
-Billet grill
-Dimond cut clear corners
-Superior transmission shift kit
-Chrome Altezza's
-Clear Corners
-LED's in the puddle lights, running boards and tail lights
-Remote Transmission Filter
-Silverstar Headlights
-Synthetic fluids through out

-Autometer gauge pod
-White face gauges out of a 2002 Sport
-LED lights through out
-Audiobahn amp
-MTX Thunderform
-Phoenix Gold Octane R 10" sub
-Pioneer DEH-P9300 w/20gig iPod
-Green cold cathodes under dash

-SCT Flasher
-Custom cat-back exhaust
-200 AMP alternator
-Brown wire mod
-Helix TB spacer
-Electric Fan

On the way soon:
-Dimond cut headlights

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Nice truck DirtyDog, keep up the good work :thumbsup:

this is an old thread but im gonan bring it back. very nice truck. i like thw white, it looks really good. have any more updated pics??

He bought an F150. I think the Explorer is for sale if not sold already. I just scored his Diamond cut headlights and corners this past weekend.

Ya, it's for sale now but thanks for the compliment :D

ohh i did not know. good luck with selling it

Let's see pictures of the F-150. Atleast it's still a Ford product! :thumbsup:


Here it is. It's a 2003 Supercrew Lariat


are you willing to sell any of the parts off of it? more specifically the billet grille and the BL?

EDIT: I mean the explorer obviously ;)

If my Explorer doesn't sell I'll be taking the BL off so maybe. But as for the billet grill, I painted my grill behind it so I can't take it off. I bought it foo ebay from Mr.Grille

ah, ok i thought it was one of the ones that just clipped on...just let me know about the BL

They look EXACTLY the same. :D

truck looks really good. you really know how to work with white fords. keep it up

those are some really, really good looking trucks!

Thanks. I like the white cause it's easy to keep looking clean.

Nice looking X and supercrew you got there dirtydog they both look nice keep up the good work