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Disabling auto pedals


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October 28, 2014
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2004 Mountaineer (AWD V8)
Sometimes my auto pedals rise to highest position by themselves.
No rhyme or reason to it. Always use same key.
This never happens when I'm driving, but it's still annoying.

Is there a simple way to disable the auto pedal function?

Thanks for all responses.

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Just turn off "easy exit seats" and make sure the button on the drivers side isn't lit for "set". I can't think of any other setting that would cause the pedals to move.

Thanks for reply. Unfortunately, I need the "easy exit" seat to stay on.
I def need the seat to move back for access (physical disability).

I was thinking there's a wire for the pedal movement that can be cut.

There's probably a specific fuse that can be removed for that. There are multiple fuse diagrams available in the forums that can steer you to the exact one to remove to disable the auto pedals.

Ok, I'll check them ... thanks.

You can just unplug the cable drive motor up under the dash.

^^^ Super, just the simple fix I was looking for.
Thanks, Joe!