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Disabling Panic Alarm


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June 13, 2016
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2016 XLT
I have looked but have found nothing on the subject.

Is there a setting that I can use Forscan to disable the panic alarm on my Explorer?

I have found that if I have anything in my pocket besides my intelligent access key fob that I can set off the panic alarm my just moving around to where something will hit the alarm. At times this can be most inconvenient.

Here are some ideas but not sure if cover is available for newer fobs;
Key FOB cover
I hate the key fob (intelligent key)
These might be a better alternative to disabling the alarm which then will not work in case of unauthorized entry.
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There are options in the Forscan list to disable or change it to require multiple presses to set off. Just look at the latest spreadsheet. It's on there.