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Discount Tire, Treated me right!

Imagine my dismay on the Ouray trip when I discovered the my new set of 33 X 12.5's BFG's were not a matched set. I actually had 32 X 11.5's up front and 33 X 12.5's outback.

After a friendly ( It really was ) discussion with the store manager he offered to upgrade all my tires to 35's. What a deal. Keep the customer happy, yes! I must confess that part of the reason he upgraded me was that I made a big deal out of the way I was treated at another Discount Store. I had Procom MT's and I blew 2 of them out at Moab. I wnated 2 more so I would have a matched set. I was given the run around for a week by the other store. I gave up and went shopping for a set of BFG's somewhere else. This store heard about my trouble from a mutual friend and called me up and said come see them. They fixed me up with 4 BFG's that day. I ended up buying a set of tires for my T/A too.

Anyway after that ordeal, I come back and showed them where they had mounted the wrong tires, could have blown my t-fer case etc, with the gear ratio mis-match. He said he would get me a new set. I offered to pay for an upgrade to 35's and he said "No, We've put you through the ringer. They're on us". Needless to say I'm happy!

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That is good to hear Rob. This type of thing is why I go to Discount Tire - good customer service/relations. I thought you said it did break your t-case, I must of been hearing things. I'm glad everything worked out.

Alright, Rob!!! Another member in the 35" club!

35" club!

Hey, I like the sound of that, maybe hats are needed to proudly proclaim this new level?

I can't wait, this is a very addicitive sport.

Brian1, Actually it was the front seal on the tranny that went. I was very lucky not to break the t-fer case and I mentioned that to discount tire. Also, your dad's directions for the return trip were very helpful. We left Telluride at 5:30 PM and arrived in Sante Fe at 12:30 A.M. driving at a very leaisurly pace. Mostly because I was pretty sick by this time. Anyway, little traffic and no construction.

Question. Do you have to have 35s to be a member of the 35" club or is it 35s and up? Because well, after a few more tweaks I'm thinking I'd like to run 36s... Anyone want to help me create the 36" tire club? :)


Uh-oh...Flash back time.

I see the bar being nudged higher and higher. Before long it will be like the late 70's early 80's again with people putting 48" tires on everything and carrying 6' step ladders with them to get in there vehicles.

I was afraid someone would say 36". Yes you can be in the club. It should be 35 and up, or maybe even 33 and up. I remember it took a lot of work to make 33's work. I'm going to hang around with 35's for a while. Maybe after an Atlas II and a solid front axel I'll go to 38's. ( and a trailer of course )


By the way Gofast, how are you getting those tires under your truck without rubbing??????
I took about 2" out of my fender and I am still hitting when we went down the switchbacks.
Are you running 10" rims? Maybe it is because I have most of the offset on the outside. I would rather have a little wider stance then get tippy.
Sorry to hear you got a little sick. Must have been that good lack of air at 13,000 feet. Hope you come back for more!!

Re: Uh-oh...Flash back time.

Originally posted by Gofast
Before long it will be like the late 70's early 80's again with people putting 48" tires on everything and carrying 6' step ladders with them to get in there vehicles.

Friend of mine just bought an International Scout with 44s...friggin humongous!

BTW, my 200th post! Yay for me!

Perry, I have the 10" rims with the offset to move the tires away from the body.

When I had 31" tires and no lift I did not rub at all.
When I lifted it 5.5" my 31" tires rubbed on the sway bar bracket.
When I went to 33'2 I rubbed a little in the front with new 10" wheels until I had the alignment shop add a lot of caster. No rubbing.

With the 35's I'll be lifting the body and also regaining some lift on the front by putting new non-collapsed springs in.

Thanks Rob