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disturbedege04's 97 XLT.

Well, haven't really posted on here since I'm usually just lurking. I sold the 94 XLT awhile back and was focusing on my Edge again. I picked up a 97 Eddie Bauer about six months ago as a project that I've been working on, need to post some pics of it.

Anyway, came across a good deal on this and couldn't pass it up. Love driving a Gen 2 5.0. :D Specs are as follows.

1997 XLT 5.0 AWD
142,000 miles
All Power and has Leather
Premium Sound w/ 6 disc in console

The good is it runs flawlessly motor and tranny wise. The interior is mint other than driver seat wear. It had an alarm system and remote start already installed. Everything inside works perfect.

The bad is the transfer case is shot. A 4406 swap will fix that. The truck spent some time up north so there is rust here and there, nothing major. Apparently it got hit in the front then got a cheapo repair job. I have most the parts already so no biggie there.
Last is the body has dents and dings along with some minor hail damage but this isn't going to be a show queen so whatever.

I plan to just keep it simple for now. Just going through it fixing nit pick issues. I got a couple parts left to obtain for the 4406 swap. Other than that some lift hangers and a torsion bar twist and put on some 31" tires.

Some pics from the iPhone.





That's a super clean rig. Congrats on a nice find:chug:

nice x