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Diving into the transfer case


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November 2, 2009
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2002 XLT
Well giving it a shot in the drive way... I will put up what I find, but my goal is to swap out potentially bad parts in my tcase with those from a 4405... well the clutch plates anyhow. Looks to me (from research.. haven't got mine out of my truck yet) that the guts are the same for the most part..., the hook up to the transmission is the only thing that is different.

Why would you do this you ask.. well someone dropped off a 4405 at the house and its free... so since no 4x4 and I have checked out every electrical possibility, (and its now warm out) I'm going to see how this works out..

There is an awesome 4405 tcase repair thread if you haven't seen it yet.. I will find the link in a bit.... taking the one that was out already is cake..

Had to take a break from getting the one in the truck out.. beer whistle blew..

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Very interested to see what the inside looks like. Once a year or so, my transfer-case will go to "neutral" when I left off the gas and the only way to reengage it is selecting 4-low. After that, I'm good for the next year.

So basically, I am wanting to see what could be getting off track and why does going to 4-low make everything good again.

Got down to getting it out.... I either have all the bolts loose now or I have to drop the support that runs under the tcase... I wouldn't try this without the 3 inch body lift ... It would be insane hard to do... Here's the diary of the 4405.. I'm hoping I have all the same inside ...

I'll shoot side by side pics tomorrow

Well Bad news and Good news..
Bad news is my old tcase clutch pack was shot.. if you open your case and find the 3 balls in one spot that’s a problem.. I can’t figure out what happened first, the ball jump, or the failure of the clutch pack… regardless you don’t want to find this..


Those 3 ball are supposed to be in their own channels
Needless to say, clutch pack was toast.. oil pump screen clogged and broken.. some scratching on the magnet, and some internal parts..
Bad vs good plates… Some of these pictures suck… sorry



Now the GOOD NEWS!!!! So this started out because I had problems with my 4x4.. Checked everything electrical I could iaw every pdf I could find. Buddy of mine had a 4405 he pulled with a transmission and it was sitting around his garage, so he said take it… I did, and from the research I can find they 4411 and the 4405 for the most part will have the same internal components… so I cracked them both open.

This is nowhere near what was put together for “the Diary of a 4405 Rebuild" thread.. that was incredible and all props to the originator of that one… It is the "how to" on taking these things apart..complete with all the pics and tricks... it works for the 4411

I only found 3 parts different, the 4L shift lever in mine was shorter, they “Y” for the 4L was also different, and the rear adapter to the drive shaft was different.. all other parts were the same… As of this time it is put back together, but not installed.. so retest results to follow. Here’s the upfront data and pics though.

4405 is YL24-7A195-AA

My installed is a 1L24-7A195-BE

Side by sides..(major difference is how they hook up to tranny)





4411, clutch pack, chain, oil pump and gears removed.. down to 4L plate/gear


4405, clutch pack, chain, oil pump and gears removed.. down to 4L plate/gear


3 different parts..
Shift shafts was shorter and had a shorter pin… the mount for it its also different in the case.


Y yokes.. different part numbers and height of the pin


and the adapter for the rear drive shaft.. the 4405 did have a spacer in it as well that made up for the length.


All the other parts were identical as far as I could see including bearings. I replaced in mine, the clutch pack, the ball ramp assemblies, main drive shaft, chain gears, oil pump (4405 and4411 pumps had identical part numbers) and the magnet (both had a resistance of 2.9 ohms). If you want I can upload the side by side pictures of the parts but that may be boring. If you know how to get to my photobucket through here they are there also.

I suspect that most the parts are the same because the model numbers both end in 24… (YL24 and 1L24) so that was lucky. I also did this because I was having a hard time finding the parts for the 4411, but 4405’s are abundantly popping up when I search.. so hopefully this will help someone else out…

Getting the transfer case out of the truck was interesting.. having the 3 inch body lift helped a lot when getting the top bolts for the tcase to transmission bolts.. also .. get a lot of extensions, and you may need your neighbors too.. if you don’t have a lift. I didn’t take the support beam out for the case (may be required if no lift), my friends jack and crow bar.. helped me out pulling it (note.. remove the two bolts directly under the case (NOT IN THE SUPPORT)). I shall see how it goes putting it back in.

Actually taking this apart wasn’t all that hard, just had to pay attention to some tricks that are in the diary thread.. it was more intimidating than it was difficult. I did a lot of research prior to taking this apart looking for electrical issues.. Even bought a second control module… here some links to an excellent pdf for electrical and how they work.


How to identify

I will get some pics on the reinstall… snowed last night… just my luck…

Limited02 sounds like the plate/gear for the 4x4 low was moving to throw you into neutral when you let off the gas.. there is a spot under the shift motor on that says Neutral, but our motors don't stop there.. Could you see that for towing an explorer.. would be awesome...


You may have an issue with that plate/gear, the plastic on the yoke, or the shift lever pin or yoke pin..

Here's the 4x4 low plate inverted... the teeth on the bottom are engaged in high all the time unless we shift to low.. then the motor turns, rotates then lever and pulls up on the plate engaging those bottom teeth into a matching set that makes the planetary gear outside ring they drive... (prolly just made that more confusing).

There is a time between the disengagement from hi and engage to low where the transfer case would be in a real neutral... ie.. nothing from the transmission input shaft would get to any output.. (hopefully just made up for above)

Sounds like you had some drift for some reason but you can get it to reseat by cycling it.... No true idea though what would cause it. Dunno if the v8's have a different tcase.. but if it says 4411 it should be alot like this one...

Got everything reinstalled.. was a PITA... I think if the support were out it would have been easier.. there is a bracket that bolts to the bottom of the tcase that I pulled out to get the alignment for the drive shafts .. then had to jack the whole assembly up to get it back in.. Total time working on this was about 12 hours, but I could prolly cut that in half next time.

Well filled it up with merconV and gave it a test.. whalla I now have 4x4 back!!