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Dixie Natioal Forest road closures -


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July 8, 1999
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I got this from the SUWA - they want to close some 300 + milesof roads in Dixie National Forest. I dont know anything about the forest, but if anyone can fill in some details and write in to support keeping them open. No e-mail addy given, but if anyone has one for the Dixie may be helpful. Although a letter may be more powerful than an e-mail.

The closed unless posted open policy is no good, once closed they rarely if ever reopen anything- at least here in GWNF. So write in support of keeping the roads open
Any info that can be added post it.

The letter that is being sent out to mobilize the environmental supporters who want to close roads and keep YOU from accessing the land you have a right to enjoy.

Redrock fans:

We hope this message finds you well in the midst of this
Holiday season. Only one item for you this time -- an
opportunity to help the Dixie National Forest close some
unneeded and ecologically detrimental roads.


The Dixie National Forest is taking a (long overdue) giant
step forward and is proposing to close approximately 300
miles of road on Cedar Mountain. These "roads" include
user-created routes and old logging roads. Many of these
roads are in poor drainage areas and are impacting the health
of the watershed; others are causing significant fragmentation
of wildlife habitat. We've got a great opportunity to participate
in this process in order to keep the Forest Service headed
down the right road (so to speak), rather than backsliding at
the urging of ORV pressures.

The 93,000-acre Duck Creek-Swains Access Management
Project is located on Cedar Mountain amid ponderosa pine,
spruce, fir, aspen, oak brush, and sedge and willow along
the riparian areas. The project is in the Virgin River and
Upper Sevier River watersheds.

ORV use has exploded in this area over the past decade, with
more new roads "created" every year. The project area has
about 520 miles of "roads" which equates to nearly 5 miles of
road/square mile of national forest lands. The Forest Plan
guideline is 2 miles of road/square mile of forest land.

In order to better manage this area, the Forest Service is
proposing to:
-- institute a "closed unless open" road policy; if a road isn't
posted as "open" then it should receive NO motorized travel.
This change will assist law enforcement as well as directing
the general public to the designated open roads.
-- close 178 miles of road and decommission 123 miles of road.

Please send a short letter to the Dixie National Forest NOW:
-- supporting the policy change to a "closed unless posted
open" system.
-- urging that NO "ATV/motorcycle only" trails be designated
(most of the 220 miles of open road are also open to ATVs
and motorcycles).
-- urging the decommissioning of all routes that are located
in poor drainage areas or are hydrologically connected to
stream systems.
-- urging the decommissioning (obliteration) of all closed roads
so that the closure is not merely on paper. Decommissioning
will be more beneficial to the on-the-ground resources than
merely posting a "closed" sign.

Please send your letters as soon as possible to: Dave Swank,
Environmental Coordinator, Dixie National Forest, 1789 N.
Wedgewood Lane, Cedar City, UT 84720.