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DIY v6 cam gear engine rebuild

christen 55

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January 16, 2021
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2000 xlt
Hey there Explorer World

I have a 2000 XLT v6 , 4sp AOD , 4wd with a extra row of seats . Engine was getting really rattly and tired ...After purchasing a replacement timing gear/guides kit form E-bay for $255 NZD .... out on my driveway to performed major surgery on my XLT.....To do this by myself was a massive undertaking to put it lightly..I did a month of research before hand accumulating all the parts/tools/equipment/knowledge in preparation...I decided to remove everything driveshafts , 4wd transfercase , transmission and everything around the engine....keeping track of all the plugs,wires,hoses and positions of everything with plenty of photo's and masking tape labels...removing the engine itself was a little tricky but pretty straight forward with my hand-powered hydraulic engine lifter...down onto a home-made cradle where the rebuild could take place in my shed...Everything internally was checked,cleaned( all timing chains,sprockets and guides replaced ) and engine then put back together....serviced the tranny and 4wd case while I had them out ..Then the massive task of putting it back together began...fresh fluids,oils and coolant throughout ....ALL done successfully !!! The end result is I now have a 2000 xlt that runs and drives like new !!! thanks to all forum members that shared information,insights and helpful hints.... Have got loads of photo's to track record and progress...Am more than happy to help others keen enough to DIY this mission at home like I have(I'm a backyard mechanic)...using a trolly jack ,axle stands and workshop creeper to do all the underbody work...Wife thought I was insane for doing this way down here in New Zealand , but stoked with the end result...Happy Exploring Everybody !!!!

Very nice job

Those old guides are only slightly worn ;)