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Dman726749's Explorer

Well this is my truck so far. Its a 1996 XLT with aprox 160,000+ miles and still running strong.

flex-alite tranny cooler
Borg Warner 1354 manual shift transfercase - best mod yet, you dont realize how much your 4405 case slips until you use 4wd with this case.:D
3:73 gears and worn out l/s

-War 153 shackles
-2" tt
-3" Body Lift
-Custom rear sway bar discos
-33x12.5 Pro Comp X-Terrains on stock deer hoof rims.

-Yakima load warrior basket
-(2) Pro Comp 55w lights (on basket)
-(2) Pro Comp 100w lights (on basket)
-(2) Revers lights on back of basket
-Frame Mounted Pro Comp tow hooks
-Putnam Hitch Class 3 reciever
-Removed Lower front air dam
-Removed Rocker Panels (Thanks Badlands :D )
-Custom Snorkel Install thread here

-Glow Gauges
-Neoprene seat covers
-Panasonic headunit
-Switch panel for lights
-Autometer f150 gauge pod
-Autometer tranny temp gauge
-Radio Shack Cb

Future Mods
-33-35" M/T's
-Rear powertrax no-slip
- Rock Sliders




Interior stuff

Neoprene Seat covers from ebay.

Headunit and Switches

This switch engages the front vacume hubs, I put it right where the old 4wd switch was.

New white face gauges, dont have any of them glowing at night yet, but maybe soon, as well as the tranny temp gauge in the f-150 gauge pod

Switch to chage them between blue and green is under the steering wheel on the collumn..kinda hard to see. but its there.

Cb radio..installed where the ash tray once was and the transfer case shifter

More Wheeling Pics






Thanks for takin a look :D :cool:
My EF Photo gallery

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Gauges look cool Dman! What color are they at night?

Very nice truck

WOW....what are those and where can I get some?!?! :eek:

:confused: You have got to be kidding. Front or rear?

Just wondering....all the discos I see are for Jeep fronts.

I have Ace HArdware disconnects on my BII front and rear.
they are similar to whats pictured, except I also used a spring and washers to keep tension on the pin.

They work fantastic.
Dont forget to put the bushings IN THE TRUCK when you disco the sway bars, I left them pressed in one time and lost 2 on the trail :) hahaha

the afternarket disco's are nice, but they are noisy and I have really never seen any I like. The sway bars on my truck are built up from parts from Explorer's rangers, Bronco's and even full size.....they work great

The truck looks good Dustin. I have the same thing up front for my sway bar, the rear is off for good. I know you said that the BL isn't on plan on having it on for Badlands?

no :( i really dont know when i will get it on, no free time or money....hopefully it will be on by the fall.

As for the rear bar, i am not the only one who drives the truck, so i would feel more comfortable with it still on there for the times when others drive it, plus it takes me and the boat to the lake in the summers on ocassion :D

shoot i dont have any sway bars... front or rear. thats still on my "to do" list. actually it doesnt handle that bad without any.

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351 - What springs do you have f/r? Is there a mount for a sway bar on the front axle...I think CodePoet said he had one on his? Another idea for it to handle better on the street is adjustable shocks, stiffer for road, softer off-road.(unless you already have some)