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Dmasini's 1997 Explorer XLT

Dmasini's 2001 Explorer XLT

Thought I would go ahead and update my registry page since I sold the 97.

From: Fairfax, Virginia. Just moved to Raleigh, NC!

Now Drive: 2001 XLT 4dr, Spruce Green, 4WD

  • 3" PA Body Lift
  • Tortion Twist
  • Warrior Shackles
  • 32x11.50 BFG A/T's
  • Series 152 Streetlock rims
  • Gibson Side Swept Exhaust
  • KKM air filter
  • Cobra x75 and Wilsion Silver Load 4' antenna

Coming Soon:
  • Hella 500's to be mounted on Westin light bar.

website: (down)

Favorite pic of my X (before the PL Body Lift)!


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Congrats on becoming elite, nice looking truck. :cool:

Thanks Bashman! I'm hoping to get a couple more recent pics up as soon as I can.

hahaha... Thanks Hokie! I still think the Manik would look better though...:D

This is a picture of the X right after I got her and I put the Gibson Side Swept exhaust on. Nothing else had been done.


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And now lifted!

With a 3" BL (PA-883) done 4/30/05:


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we are gonna have to go wheelin some time man. I should have my lift done soon

boominXplorer said:
we are gonna have to go wheelin some time man. I should have my lift done soon

Certainly! Been keeping an eye on your sex change operation :D Looking good! How hard was your SOA? Looking forward to doing a couple more things to mine but want to get some 33's first... Where in VA Beach are you? My parents live right off 664 in Chesapeake...

New tires:

BFG All Terrains 32x11.50x15
Rock Crawler series 152 15x8 rims


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ooooo looking update your siggy

SkanlaxJMO said:
ooooo looking update your siggy

Thanks! And yeah, I totally forgot about that... :)

Figured I would put a couple pics up from my most recent trip to Nagshead a couple weeks ago...


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