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Do I need a cap?


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March 15, 2004
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I have a small 300 watt max amp and 2 cheap 10 inch subs. Do I need a cap with this setup? In the future if I add a 400 watt 4 channel amp for speakers will a cap need to come into play? THis is going into a 98 2 door blazer by the way. thanks for the help!


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300 watt max, as in about 150 watts RMS? Google leads me to believe those have a 100 amp alternator... You'll be fine without a cap, and you might even be able to pull off adding the other amp without needing a cap.

Upgrade your alternator and battery before resorting to a c(r)ap. And I've got an 1800W MA Audio amp without a cap or dimming.

ive got a 1200 watt amp and a 250 watt amp for my two 12" and two 6x8 with no cap or dimming yet