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Do I need sealant on throttle body?


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March 23, 2021
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Eau Claire WI
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1998 Explorer XLT4x4 SOHC
I'm halfway done replacing my thermostat, noticed the throttle body doesn't seem to have any gasket, possibly a paper thin layer of some sealant was on it? It also has a thin plate which mates to it which has the appearance of shark teeth across the bottom of its inside bore. It doesn't have a gasket apparently either. Nor does the upper thermostat housing. What is supposed to be there? About to put the replacement thermostat in tomorrow. The throttle body itself is surprisingly clean so wasn't going to do anything else with that. My Ex has the SOHC V6. I didn't have any coolant leaking from the thermostat cover or whistling from the throttle body either.

The throttle body uses a gasket only- check them out here
Thanks. Wonder how mine did fine without them. Weird!
The throttle body uses a gasket only- check them out here
UPDATE: I did actually have gaskets - in the twilight, I missed the skinny things! Put in the Murray 3649 thermostat, the coolant back in and now my coolant gauge sits halfway up after a 15 min. drive around the neighborhood. No leaks so far. 3/4 of the time was dealing with those miserable spring clips on the upper coolant hoses. If hoses start getting soft, going to replace those annoying clips! There really is NO room to spare in the thermostat area. Was also pleased to see my throttle body was quite clean!