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Do I need to bench bleed a master cylinder?


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November 8, 2011
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94 Ford Explorer XLT
The brake booster recently went out in my 94 Explorer XLT. It was leaking vacuum through the firewall, the cruise control would not engage, and the brake pedal was stiff. I need to disconnect the brake lines in order to remove the master cylinder. After I do this, do I need to bench bleed the master cylinder before reconnecting the brake lines? Or can I bleed the system normally (through the calipers and wheel cylinders) after I reinstall the master cylinder?


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July 30, 2015
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Albuquerque New Mexico
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1998 sport explorer
I think you should be fine, If it was a new master cylinder being installed, you always want to bench bleed it.
If you just disconnect like you plan, should be fine.

If for some reason you pumped all of the fluid out of the master while it was disconnected, then yes bleed it again.
As long as it has fluid in it, should be fine.