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Do you know which wire to snip?


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March 31, 2002
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1998 XLT 4x4
Hi, all.

First post! Do you know how/where to disconnect the power antenna from the radio?

I really need help. My 98 XLT 4x4 has the Mach System with a power antenna, which has now died. (Ford fixed it twice under warranty, and now I give up.)

I want to remove the radio and then snip the wire that powers the motor so I can replace the power mast with a rubber duck or OEM mast.

The motor is grinding and makes an incredible racket since the cable inside the mast broke and is probably wound around the motor.

I'd either like to cut the cord at the back of the radio or remove power at the motor. But I can't figure out how to get to the power antenna motor (do I REALLY have to remove the fender?) And I can't find a wiring harness on the net which confirms which lead in the connector is the power antenna lead.

If you know, and are certain, I'd really appreciate your info.


According to my service manual, all you need to do is remove the plastic inner fender liner to get at the bolt that mounts the antenna and remove the plastic cowl around the windshield wiper to get to the motor. The plastic piece around the antenna is supposed to just pop off.

The antenna mast is raised an lowered by a toothed nylon strip which winds on a reel in the power antenna assembly behind the inner fender liner. Remove the liner, then remove six screws to uncover the reel and remove the piece of nylon strip, then replace the cover and the fender liner. Buy a new antenna mast for $15 on eBay, follow instructions to insert it and you'll be good to go.