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does any need help with front end

jesse barrons

September 24, 2009
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Port Huron, Mich.
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98' explorer eddie bauer
Does anyone got any question about front end chassis i just change out upper control arms w/ball joint, lower ball joints, outer and inner tie rods, camber bolts and spindle nuts

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yes i do i was wonderin if you know where to get the front wheel spindle from? an how much they run.. an if you know anything about changen to maual locking hubs what all do i need

if you are talking about the spindle nut i got the nuts from it ran me about 35 bucks for both thats total s&h and when it comes to changing to from auto to manual locking hubs i do believe u may need a conversion kit but don't quote me on that i never attempted it but i am pretty sure the answer lies somewhere in explorerforum

i dont need the nut i need the part that the nut goes on.. the part with he teeth an the rotor goes over an that nut keeps it in place

My 97 front end is clunky. I am going to do sway ends, Upper controls with joins, and lower joint as well as shock. is there anything else I need to replace to help with this?