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Does anyone have pictures or a link to instructions for door panel removal?


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May 28, 2002
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I've read the thread on how to remove the door panels. But I would like to see pictures. Does anyone have the Crutchfield instructions or a link to anything online? Thanks alot guys.

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It's pretty easy. I have the crutchfield instructions but there is not much to it.
1. Remove 2 Phillips screws above door release handle
2. Pry out door release trim
3. Using a panel tool (or a flat screwdriver) pry around the bottom and sides of the door panel
4. Slide panel upward to remove

Then you can disconnect the wiring if you need to. If you are just replacing the speakers you don’t need to disconnect the wiring. I replaced my front speakers w/o disconnecting any of the wiring just make sure you place the panel so it is not pulling down on any of the wires.

BTW: these instructions are for the front doors if you need the steps for the rear doors let me know.

Bentley~ Thanks. Does the power mirror switch come off or does it stay attached? Also, when you put the door panels back on, are they as "snug" as they were before you took them off? I want them to be as close to factory as possible. Also, I see you have a Manik Brushguard. Do you have a picture, I'm in the market for one. Thanks for your help. I'll be doing te rear doors too, are they pretty much the same?

Robb~ Thanks for the link.

The power window switch stays attached, there is a wire plug you can disconnect.

I just took my doors apart for the first time last weekend, as long as you don't break the clips, the door will be as solid as before you took them apart.

the door panels looked just as tight as before but like Deathsarrow mentiond dont break any clips or it wont fit as snug as factory. If it is the first time your taking the panels off they will be really tight. just be carefull and take your time.

As far as the power mirror switch goes crutchfield's manual reads:

"Carefully pry out switch with small flat blade screwdriver. Lift connector retainer with screwdriver, disconnect and remove switch"
You dont really need to remove it to replace the speakers. I did'n remove it when i did it because i didnt want to "pry" with a scredriver.

The rears are a little differant according to the manual these are the steps.
1. remove 2 phillips screws above door release handle
2. slide switch/ashtray panel toward front door then lift out.
3. remove 2 phillips screws from the underside of switch/ashtray panel to disconnect power window switch and remove panel.
4. then just pry around the bottom and sides to release the panel clips, and slide panel upward to remove

These instructions are for a 98 X but as far as i know the set-up was the same in 97.
good luck

Originally posted by MattStarr
Also, I see you have a Manik Brushguard. Do you have a picture, I'm in the market for one.

here is a pic of my manik guard w/daylighters


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Bentley~ Thanks... did you have to 'notch' the lower valence and if so, how much and do u have a pic? Thanks buddy.

no notching required it fits in there w/o notching. although over the years it has guard has pushed the valence down slightly but it isnt really noticable unless you see it at eye level.

Did you squeeze it in the opening between the 2 fogs lights? I didnt know that was possible. I thought you HAD to notch it out and it went under the front valence.

yeah there are 2 openings between the two fogs that it fits into. I will take some pictures in the morning because i dont have a flash on my digi-cam.

Hey, thanks man, I appreciate that. :)

here are some pics


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Thanks for the pics. Since it fits in that opening, why does everyone say you have to notch the bumper? It looks like you just squeezed it in there.