Does anyone know if the Interior of a 2005 will fit a 2002? | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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Does anyone know if the Interior of a 2005 will fit a 2002?


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November 16, 2004
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95 XLT
I see that the interior of the 2005 is way different than the 2002. I love the instrument panel, seats and center console. Has anyone tried to match any of the components. I was thinking of trying the door panels first. Any inout would be greatly appreciated.

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in '05 they did a major redesign of the interior from '04 - i would guess its slim at best, although you might get lucky.

I thought it was 06 they did the change? or was it the interior in 05 and the exterior in 06?

It was 06 for both interior and exterior. I have a 02 and 05 and there are suttle differences but both are pretty much the same.

sorry, i might be getting my '05 and '06's mixed up. Look to be sure.

on a side note dirtydog, on your '05 is your hitch still the bolt on or welded?

Sorry for the delayed responce but my 05's hitch is bolted on.