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Does anyone know what plug this is for?

85 GT Kid

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July 31, 2010
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Bought the wiring kit that was supposed to be the one for the Ex (for the radio) and ends up the speaker connector is wrong :fire:. Tomorow I have a dentist appointment so ima check the walmart near there after that and hope that they have one (cant drive to roanoke tomorow). Anyways does anyone know what this plug goes to if not an explorer? Maybe it goes to an explorer with a different radio???


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That's the speaker harness for the premium sound system (explorer)

So then mine had the cheaper radio? Someone had a JVC one in it so I dont know what the stock one was (does anyone know what the code would be on the door tag???).

Crappppp. Now I gotta wait til the weekend to drive back up to roanoke to get a new one. I did see online that scoshe has one that has both the black plug and green plug so maybe they revised it???

Here it is

O and thanks for the right up I would have been all screwed up with the factory amp thing.

According to the12volt, that is the clone of the Metra harness listed in my thread. I used one plug, the other was unused.


Cool well hopefully they have one cause its around $10 for a scoshe one vs. $22 for the Metra one. It was gonna be over $40 to put this stupid stereo in but I got a Dynex kit on clearence for $4 :D.

Well I went to walmart and they had a scoshe kit for $10 and it worked awesome. Only problem I had was the amp wire (which was my fault) but now i got it workin and it sounds pretty good for stock speakers (atleast they;re not all blown). Heres a pic of the wiring kit I bought.


So the Metra Install kit was $22 I got the Dynex one for $4 and the Metra wiring kit was $22 and I got the Scosche one for $10 so im not doin to bad lol

Wow- That kit isn't even listed... Hybrid kit? Interesting.

Glad you got 'er working though! :thumbsup:

Thanks im glad too lol. I guess its some sort of hybrid kit cause it wasnt listed as a ford one. It has 2 other plugs that must go to the other cars it will go to (should have taken a picture of it). All in all im happy with it though and now when I "borrow" it from my mom i'll have something decent to listen to :thumbsup:.