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does my explorer have an amp or not?


August 30, 2008
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tally, fl
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04 XLT
Hey everyone, I just bought a 95 explorer and the wiring harness behind the stock unit is all cut up. I went on ebay and bought a tape deck from a 95 ranger thinking that it will work. The part number is F57F-19B132-AD. My question is before a find a harness to plug in the back of this radio do I need to bypass the amp or will the stock radio work even though it may have a built in amplifer? Do I need to find out if my explorer has an amp? Is the the only way to find out is to check the rear for an amp? I did notice that the power distribution under the hood has a fuse in it labeled jbl. Also I do have the rear stereo controls.

aric anderson
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If you have the JBL system, your existing head unit is nothing more than a controller. The actual radio and amp is in the right rear of the car just in front of the subwoofer. You can tell if this is the case by looking to see if the antenna plugs in the rear or at the head unit. But it sounds like someone has cut your system to you may need to expose everything to see what they have done.

If you have JBL, you will have to have a JBL head unit unless you want to rewire the car and bypass the rear unit.

well i do have an antennae plug at the head unit. Today I took a flashlight and looked in the hole where the sealbelt is coming out in the cargo area. I saw what looks like a grey factory amp i believe. You know what I just going to bypass the amp by splicing the wires, the wiring harness is cutup already anyways.

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need pic of ranger radio grey plug to check wires

ok i got the plugs for the back of the 95 ranger radio from a 91 ranger in the junkyard today. Can anyone post a pic of the grey plug showing the wire locations. thanks

nevermind figured it out. The fuse #29 was blown so I wasn't getting my constant hot. Then the wire labeled K on the grey plug was not grounded. Now I just have to hookup the speakers. YEah