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does this go on forever?


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January 7, 2001
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Branchburg, N.J.
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94 XLT - 97 XLT SOHC
Clutch slave master cylinder bleeding grrrrrrrrrrrrr

My 94’s clutch pedal went right to the floor like mush the other day. I was able to pump it up enough to get it in gear and get it in the garage

I put a new clutch slave in with a clutch job a little over a year ago….. so I went for a new clutch master cylinder.

Everything went in fine. I checked the posts for tips and it’s no secret it can be a problem job ……but even with my vacuum pump the thing is taking forever!
I’m stopping………closing the system…. pumping the clutch pedal …..opening everything up….watching the reservoir ….starting over…I’m just opened my second “32 oz dot 3” I have paper towels all over the place looking for leaks.

I'm thinking: If I’m sucking air from some place in the system, you would think I would see something leaking while pumping the clutch?

Maybe I being too impatience? Or could it be the clutch slave? If so, how do you check .....any thoughts?
I'm NOT having fun.... haha