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doglegs rusted out. patch panels?


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April 4, 2006
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Highland, Md
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92 XLT
does anybody know where to get the patch panels, or if they make them for the explorer? i know most of yiou have the same rust problem in those doglegs at the rear bottom of both rear can i clean that up? i want to replace them and then paint bedliner from the trim panel down..


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Try searching for LD50's thread on rocker rust or something (or just pm him), he managed to transform his rockers and doglegs into sliders basically. Very solid mod and great idea.

put huge tires on it as an excuse for its non existantness...

wow..thats reallly informative..does anybody know where i can find those doglegs in teh states? thats all i need..and hes got the dogleg patches ..thats the only bad part on my exploder..

so anybody know wher to purchase the left and rigth dogleg patch panel?

anybody know wher to find those patch panels?

Try this place, seems to be in the US.

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thanks again

No prob ;) If you do call there, could you ask if they have other types of 1st gen explorer panels available, explorer sport quaterpanels for example. Post here if you do find out :D thanx

I asked a local autobody guy about them. He got me both sides plus complete Rockers and he charged me his price. I'll be doing the job sometime this in the next 6 weeks.
Just my doglegs are going bad but while I'm opening the can of worms, for another $50, I might as well do it all.

And a can of worms it will be... Its pretty amazing what salt will do to those rockers and doglegs.. and the vertical piece of steel they attach to..

Originally I was going to just cut it all out and weld in a 2" x 4" Box steel 6' long ...basically a Slider. Then just massage metal to finish off the dogleg.

The material ended up costing more then the correct parts. So. I will be going with the replacement stuff. During the Winters, I always run the garden hose up into the Rocker drain holes. I guess that's why the Dog legs on my '91 look much healthier then on many newer 'X's. I hope there aren't too many worms LOL