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Dome lights won't go on when passenger door is opened


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December 7, 2015
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Durham, NC
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2001 Ford Explorer Sport
as title above says...this being for my 2001 Sport 2-door. I am aware that these trucks have the dome light switch integrated into the door latch. I have squirted almost a can of wd40 in the latch mechanism and have opened/closed the door repetitively (call me OCD) around 400 times, to no avail. the dome lights work:D
If I open the driver's door or the tailgate, they will light-up beautifully...

Do I need to replace the latch? :confused:

You need to replace the switch which is attached to the latch mech. Remove the door's interior panel, peel back the weather shield and look at the latch. The switch is mounted on the top of the latch and is held on by a single Phillips screw.

BTW, you may find it easier to get at the switch if you remove the rear lower window channel. One bolt/nut through the lower part of the door and it just pulls down and comes off the upper part of the channel, where it is held in place by a small spring clip.