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Dome Lights Work Intermittently


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July 23, 2011
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High Point, NC
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2000 EB 5.0
After beating my head against the wall for two days trying to find a broken wire in the driver's door wiring that was causing my dome lights to work only intermittently (when I opened the door the lights would go on and off as the door moved) I finally took the door latch out to check the switch to see if that was the problem. After way too long a time it occured to me that there is no dedicated ground for the switch, it has a chassis ground (the door). The long and short of it I installed a braided ground wire between the two sides of the door hinge and bingo my dome lights work as they should again.

Hey, a problem and a fix all in a single post. I love it. Usually it's a problem, some suggestions then no solution reported. Well done.