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done 150,000m

rich uk

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September 17, 2007
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1998 sohc 150k Purple LPG
milestone for the old girl today 150,000 miles

still going strong...:salute: :D

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Cool. You can out that down to your master mechanicry :-)

Hows the lpg going?

I love watching the odometer ticking over milestones. Had a hgv on friday and watched it tick over 500,000 km

Cheers Jan !

Lpg is not perfect but ok,

I need to do a laptop lpg tune up

so flat around 2000 revs but no faults codes now ,ticks over a little low

I need to throw some cash at the project ..

ie K&N air filter , and new LPG Iridium plugs , and exhaust ..I think it's collapsing inside ( still have the original ford one )


keep on running guys

Ay up Rich.

I've done 50,000 miles in 10 years. Odometer is now on 125,000 ish.

Surely you done more than 3000 miles in yours. Your info says 147k.


it had 125000 when i got it.:thumbsup: knackered chains and gearboc snd death rear tyres lol