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Don't let this happen to your ranger!!!! Lol


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December 7, 2004
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Ludlow Vermont
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(1994 XLT) 00 RangerXLT
Picture says it all!!!

the truck was not mine.... the crownvic was...


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Picture says it all!!!

the truck was not mine.... the crownvic was...


You've got some explaining to do.. Whats the story behind the picture?

That's a pretty bad accident! Hope your alright.

Chief Wiggum?
Yeah let us know what hapened

We want to know what happened!!

Here's what happened...

you guys are right- I should have included the story with the picture.

As a side note- "Chief wiggum" - the town I was working actually was voted as the Simpsons Home town of Springfield- Vermont- Good ahead and look it up if you don't believe me lol. It was all over some kind of a video contest and our town won, so we got the privilage of being named "home of the simpsons" and showing the Simpsons video premire in our theatre.

Anyway, enough of that.

I appreciate your thoughts on my well being on the accident. This happend in the fall of 2003. Yes, I was pretty lucky. While returning to town via a backroad route, I was enjoying some music on the radio- at a rather loud level. The dispatcher started calling over the radio that someone's mic was open= and me thinking it was me broadcasting rage against the machine, reached down to hit the scan button.

Needless to say, it wasn;t me that has the open mic, but I had slowed to a crawl and looked down for a milisecond so my finger could hit the "scan"button and when I looked up all I could see was the grille of this ranger screaming at me with all wheels locked up sliding across the gravel. then BAM!!!

I woke up to an airbag deflating blowing nasty powder all over my arm. I suffered a concussion and a burned wrist- with a few bruises to my left side. The driver of the ranger- a respectful and courteous young lad- happend to be scooting home in a hurry for lunch and decided to take the back way into town because his license was suspended. His truck was also not registered, not inspected, and no insured. Talk about a bad day for this guy. When I finally was able to get out of my car I was glad to see he was okay and only suffered a sprained wrist.

Youre right too, the ranger won the battle. He had been traveling a weeee bit too fast- estimated around 50-60 when we hit. I was doing between 15-20. The force of our inpact lifted the back ends of our vehicles up in the air and set it over about 6 feet.

Trooper who investigated said that if I had tried to swerve out of the way he would have hit me square in the drivers door and it could have been a lot worse. Thankfully- maybe through some divine intervention- the dispatcher complained of something going over the radio- which no one ever heard except her. Just enough time to take my eyes off the road and to snap back up and not have enough time to react. hmmm....

So anyway- please insure your vehicles!!! keep your licenses valid lol, and please, PLEASE.... don't speed on a backroad trying to avoid getting caught. You never know when a cruiser will be coming around the corner.

thanks for reading everyone, and thanks for the comments!! Be well all. And have a good holiday season!!!!!:thumbsup:


You too and thank those lucky stars.........

Wow Andy- what a story! Glad you're ok!! Thanks for your work, too, by the way...

Whoa! talking about Ford tought!

dang andy glad ur ok though

Oh wow man that is crazy.

He had to have been scooting and 50-60 is pretty fast. I would have figured more but with your 15-20 thats a pretty good hit...

Glad your ok and doing good