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Door Ajar alert when defrost button pushed FIXED!!


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January 25, 2005
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2002 Explorer XLS 4.0 4x4
Just the other day noticed that I could not lock or unlock any doors with button when the key was out of ignition. Locks worked when the truck was running. I wasn't too worried about it. Figured I would get to it when I get to it.

THEN: I attempted to defrost my window. My "Door Ajar" light came on and sound chimed.

My search lead me to this thread
Great info Synster!

Basically a wire broke between the door and body. The black ground wire from the door lock switch was severed.

During the winter my truck experience some "door ajar" issues. Now I know why it happened every time I hit a bump. I thought my hatch was not closing properly.

Here is thread to remove door panel.

Great info BigRondo!

Here is what I found:

Remove Door Panel !

I pulled the wire boot off the door to find a broken black wire that leads from lock/unlock switch.

View from inside door. I removed the electrical tape.

I was able to free boot from body and pull it into the door cavity.

Here is the wire as it would be in boot. Nice clean break.

Unfortunately I left my soldering iron at work along with my heat shrink. So I settled for a crimp connection and electrical tape.

Everything tested fine! So taped up my connection. Pulled the boot back into place and buttoned up door panel. FIXED!:thumbsup:

Not a spectacular writeup, but figure I post something to help future searchers.


Excellent info, thank you.

The wire boot, door side has two extensions that gets taped onto the wire bundle. I did tape the wires up again, but left the boot unattached to the wires. I am thinking that it will allow the wires to move more freely within the boot and possibly avoid more broken wires.