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Door ajar issue


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October 8, 2015
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2003 Explorer 4.6
Door ajar issue when it rained. Fixed. Replaced the switch. It is not that hard and took me less than 20 minutes to change. Take the door panel off, thanks youtube for the know how, take the lower inner window track out, unbolt the door latch, no need to remove it, you can now move it around to get to the switch, its on the bottom of the latch, pull the wire harness off, the switch will not rotate if its on, twist the switch out, twist new one in, bolt latch back in, bolt window track in, put door panel on, I connected the wires before I completely put the door panel on, tested switch, worked, finished putting door panel on. It rained hard a couple of days ago and no issues. The old switch did get stuck when I tried it. I guess the geniuses at Ford never expected that if you install a switch up side down after time it wont get clogged or dirty.