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Door Ajar light on dash fixed finally after 1 year


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July 5, 2015
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2003 Ford Explorer XLT
Just fixed my door ajar light problem, THANK GOD THIS HAS BEEN DRIVING ME CRAZY FOR OVER A YEAR NOW, just want to share my experience and how it was fixed. When the light first came on I notice it would come on intermittently when I hit a bump on the road, also in the winter I would get the light more often that in hot summers I thought it was a door sensor sticking so I put WD40 on all latches and drenched them. That did not work, then I was told to check the door switches to make sure they are actually working and they were. The way I tested my door switches was by actually removing the switches and jumping them on the switch itself. Then I was told to check and see if I can find a bad ground wire on one of the switch wires which is actually very common on the drivers side door and by pulling that thin black wire you will find if it is the problem if it comes loose. Well unfortunately that wasn't the problem

My problem was the door sensor switch on the liftgate glass that was wiggling loose and causing the intermittent door ajar light. (Keep in mind you have 2 switches on rear hatch, rear hatch switch and small liftgate glass switch) Also coincidentally my liftgate glass would open sometimes while driving throughout the year. Anyways I removed the cover of entire rear hatch by pulling the tabs and removing the screws. Pull screws off first or you will rip your whole plastic cover without noticing the screws. Then I was able to see the 2 switches. The liftgate glass switch was loose and when I tightened it, the door ajar light immediatley turned off. (I tested with the cover off and closed the rear hatch door). I noticed the switch actually turns and tightens onto the hole that it connects to and it was just loose. I also noticed the mechanism that releases the latch(actuator rod) to the liftgate glass was touching the butt of the switch which is why I think it came loose I think when I unlocked the liftgate the actuator rod that releases the lock kept hitting the liftgate sensor until it knocked it loose. (it is difficult to see the liftgate switch it is deep in the rear hatch door) Also the rubber gasket that tightens the switch was worn off. What I did for now until I order the new switch was jump the 2 wires together so it thinks it's closed until I buy the new switch. Door ajar light is gone for good!

Man I am so glad, I've had to leave my dashlights off for the year, my car alarm has sounded for over a year and have had to replace my battery and car horn as a result. Thank goodness it's fixed.
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March 16, 2013
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
Good information.