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Door/Dash Swap


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April 14, 2002
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San Lorenzo, CA
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'94 EB
I was wondering if anyone has ever attempted or successfully swaped the interior door panels and the dashboard out of a 95+ Explorer and attempted to put them in a 91-94 Explorer. I wanted to give the inside of my 94 a facelift.

I don't know of anyone that has but I am sure that it's possible.

But, do you realize how much work this will be?

Imagine how much time will be wasted from this. There are so many other things I can think of that would be more worthwhile.


I HAVE UPGRADED MY 93 SOMEWHAT. I MADE FRIENDS AT THE LOCAL JUNK YARD. i found myself a few newer explorers that the guy told me i was welcome to pick through and he woudl just charge me when i had what i needed. i ended up getting a full set off grey leather seats that were in excellent shape and four door skins and the appropriate odds and ends for all. BE WARNED-THIS IS A PROJECT FOR SOMEONE WITH ELETRICAL KNOW-HOW. the seats that i orginally had were not electric. no big deal, i just ran a wire for the power seats. (now that i have them i will never get anything without). next project. the buttons needed to be rewired for the newer door skins. i figured that i would just go to the trusty chiltons manual if i had a problem. well i just played with the wires for a while. PROBLEM number one. the newer switches have built in lights so tha they glow. older ones do not therefore, my 93 did not have the wiring to make my new switches light up. the drivers door has a power wire to it. i just tied the light wire to the power and made light. the rest of the doors i am still in the dark about. PROBLEM NUMBER TWO. this is a piss off. after having small smoke clouds for a hours and a few electrical burns, i thought it was time to go to the chiltons. at first i was stumped after looking over the two different year diagrams. i didnt get it. I studied the problem over night and realived that ford had mad the newer models function with a power distributor for the door locks. the older models went with a much easier loop circuit. i have ceased my not been able to get back up to the yard to get a distributor for the locks so for now they are manual. but on the flip side, i like the look. the front doors dont fit perfectly due to a plastic piece at teh top inside of the panels so i just chopped it off and now it is a perfect fit. as far as the dashboard, i have not ventured that far but i have pondered the idea. please let me know if this thread has helped anyone on there ideas or projects. spanky